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    Gucci Loafers


    I have been dreaming of these Gucci loafers for a while now, but it has been almost impossible to get my hands (and feet) on them, as other people apparently had the same dream. My last try to get them was in Rome, where they still had them in most colors except black, of course. So I turned to the Gucci webshop, where they were available for pre-order, so I ordered them in the end of April and received them last week. True (material) happiness. Continue Reading →

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    In Outfit


    I definitely had a pink week this week, without even noticing it myself. Everything on the blog has been pink and I’ve been wearing…

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    Pink Lace

    Goodmorning lovelies! Ready for another sunny day? I know I am. The past week has been just perfect, both weather-wise but also life-wise. So…

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